The BW registry allows domain owners to lock their domains to prevent unauthorized domain transfer to another registrar.  

Domain “Registrar Lock”  feature adds the following security features to your domain:

  • Protects against DNS modifications, updating the auth code, and various other modifications.
  • Protects from unauthorized transfers out of our system to another Registrar.

If you want to lock your domain, perform the following procedure. You can also use the same procedure to disable the lock if you want to transfer a domain to another registrar.

  1. Login to the bwdomains Portal. Login - bwdomains®
  2. Navigate to Domains > My Domains,
  3. Choose the name of the domain that you want to update by clicking on the spanner icon alongside the domain.
  4. In the navigation pane, choose “Registrar Lock”.
  5. Click “Enable Registrar Lock” (to lock the domain) or “Disable Registrar Lock” (to unlock the domain).
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