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Now that you have purchased Email Hosting for your domain, see the steps to be performed to configure email hosting for your domain.


Configure DNS settings for your Domain

For your email services to work, it is important that you specify the appropriate DNS records for your domain. DNS records enable queries for your domain to be directed to the server that stores your mails. No email accounts on you domain will be able to send or receive email unless you have the required DNS records.

our DNS records are as follows;


In order to start using email services on your Domain, it is essential that the correct Mail Exchange (MX) records are added to your DNS settings. These MX records must be created on the authoritative Name Servers of your Domain. If you do not have the necessary access privileges to create these records, you must ask your DNS manager to do so for you.

Usually, the Registrar with whom your domain name is registered, or the company that hosts your website should be able to do this for you.

For the complete list of all the required DNS records (including MX records), refer My Products & Services >> Product Details >> Manage DNS in your email hosting control panel (Dashboard).

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